We also offer consultations with one of our experienced team members.

We offer two types of consultations:

1. New starter guidance

The new starter guidance is meant for those who are completely new to cryptocurrency and are looking for a full A-Z of the basics to get started.

This includes:

  • Basic portfolio guidance
  • Guidance on main exchanges
  • Decentralised exchange overview
  • Main sites for information/updates
  • How to analyse an asset
  • How to buy/sell
  • How to withdraw to your bank account
  • Security/Storage guidance
  • Q&A
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2. 1-1 Consultation

This is for those who have experience investing or have had some exposure to cryptocurrencies or even those with years of experience looking to enhance their portfolio or just to pick our brains.

This consultation is predominantly tailor made to your specific needs although we do cover the below:

  • Basic portfolio guidance
  • Investment strategies
  • How to spot a good opportunity
  • Profit taking guidance/plan (important)
  • Pre formatted template to track your investments
  • How to use decentralised exchanges
  • Wallets/Storage
  • Q&A
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These consultations last one hour and will be done via telephone call.
Please include any specific needs when booking.

Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice.